Relaltionship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Relationship don’t happen overnight it take time to grow any relation, But it takes second to ruin it.

Bond need years to grow and built so people can share their feelings with each other. A bond need commitment, forgiveness and most of all is the efforts. Trust, communication and respect are the pillars of any relation.

The relationship we share are majorly with our friends, family, acquaintances and romantic relationships. At difficult times relations are the glue who hold us from getting scatter.

Why relationship needed

Relationship are needed for mental well being, stability, to share feelings, for emotional well being, having someone to count on, and to need them at tough time. A positive relationship can be shared between any two people who love, support, encourage and help each on practical as well as emotionally and mentally.

Romantic Relationship

To love someone is easy but to build the relationship is the toughest part. The romance part fades after years or in some case in months or in some day. The challenge with couple to deal with this situation but in most case it won’t work out and can deal to breakup or divorce or mutual dissolution of relationship. The fire of romance should be light up time to time if you are not able to light it up higher chances that it will end up or loosen its charm in days.

How you express your felling or you don’t??

When you say those 3 magical word “I Love You” is it exist in your relation or it got fade away.

But the way you express your feeling would be different from your partner but it doesn’t mean that you both has loses charm in your relationship.

But if regular fight, arguments or loss of romantic bond, if all these are happening that means something is not working out for both of you. Two people in the same relationship can have very different versions of how they define love.

To understand what make your partner feel loved can help to grow your relationship.

Signs that your relation is not working well

A health relation starts getting suffered when each person is concentrating on what is missing in the other person. You need to work on your relationship neither they’ll die. Signs that shows you are not happy in your relation

  • When you don’t talk or your partner start hiding stuff from you
  • Your partner is needlessly argumentative
  • No Communication or Miscommunication
  • Lacking of intimacy or lack of chemistry
  • Financial Issues
  • Struggle in home chores
  • Conflict
  • Lack of trust
  • Not respecting each other felling or to humiliate in public
  • Controlling and demanding personality
  • Past or Ex issues
  • Controlling or insecurities of partner
  • Cheating or Extra marital affair
  • After having baby , you lost the bond what you share prior use to share
  • Blame game

There are always possibility to work on issues or on bad habits, keep in mind that some issues can get worse with time, and especially if they’re turning into a pattern. So you need to sooner identify it and start making changes to better your relation. But still you are not able to than seek for some professional help.

How counselling will help you to deal with it

A positive approach is always needed to deal with the situation and thus a better prospect is something we can look. Whatever will be your relationship issues there is always help available.

Sometimes our relation didn’t meet our expectation and leads to dissatisfaction, depression and anxiety. Sometimes it is difficult to self-motivate ourselves this is the reason we need someone with whom we can share our feeling and emotions.

How Unns will help you

Some problems can be tackle by an individual on its own but still if you are not able to, we have dedicated team of people who are there for you

  • The initial or starting of the session your counsellor will build rapport with you , to know you better
  • Your counsellor will give you space to trust yourself , want to know your perspective what you want form that relation
  • You counsellor will let you know a deeper understanding of your relation
  • Understanding is the next step your counsellor will take so that a better approach to know to resolve your issues with partner is developed and by knowing you better your counsellor can guide you accordingly
  • Your counsellor will explore your current concerns and past to know the situation better
  • Approach based atmosphere is developed, so you can share your feeling
  • The prospect building session is to know your relation better , so they can counsel you well enough by knowing the problem areas and suggest better remedy to deal with it
  • A solution focused approach is used to deal with the situation
  • They will try to understand present scenario, will suggest you what all can work for you to remove your tensions and worries by applying the methods to achieve short term goals and long term goals
  • Your counsellor will let you know how by changing behaviour and approach you can start getting positive results
  • The process is to know you better and try to resolve the problems you are facing

                    Don’t be late to understand your issues before it’s too late!!