Parenting Counselling

The hardest job in the whole world is parenting.

Parenting is the beautiful feeling comes with huge responsibilities and challenges. Parenting is not a day role, it starts with the day when your new born enters your life and it goes till they won’t get mature. Raising child is not an easy process and to understand your young one demand is again a tough task. Parenting varies and thus the way you behave with your child reflects in them.

A good parenting will lead your child to healthy adulthood, which will helps in their overall development but it requires a great deal of consistency.

According to research in the first 7 months the one who has given rapid response to baby is the one with whom the baby forms its primary attachment.

As child grows parenting style also changes accordingly. Positive parenting is the key to nurture your child.

Factors Involve in Parenting

To raise a child following factors play a crucial role:

  • Financial condition
  • Social class
  • Cultural practise
  • Time
  • Tradition
  • Love, support & Care

Working mother faces different issues than non-working mother.

Giving punishment is not the solution to control your child but teaching them the right way to do something is what a child demands.

As a parent what to do and what not to do always pops your brain here a list of do’s and don’ts

What to do:

  • Story telling
  • Face to face interactions with baby
  • More talking to the baby
  • Play with them
  • Positive Communication
  • Encourage/ Motivate your child
  • Healthy habits and proper diet
  • Maintain a close relationship with your child
  • Be a role model
  • Listen to your children and spend time with them

What not to do:

  • To not communicate with your child
  • Aggression and violence should be avoided at home
  • Allow them to share their views
  • Don’t put study pressure
  • Allow them to pursue the career they want , let them choose their hobby and career
  • Don’t scold them on unnecessary issues
  • Don’t take credit of their achievements

Challenges as a Parents:

  • When your child enters adulthood and they need freedom at that time difference of opinion occurs
  • Temperament of child also varies and thus this also affect a lot
  • Parents separation psychologically affects child health and development

Who need Parenting Counselling?

  • Problems in marriage which is directly affecting your child development, by hearing or knowing your problem research shows that low self-esteem develops in this type of children and even there concentration level decreases
  • If you are facing financial issues and thus not able to share with anyone and want someone to know your perspective as financial stability is necessary to raise child
  • If you are facing any health issues or you think your health is affecting your family
  • If you are undergoing separation or divorce, the pain and sorrow you are undergoing similar pain your child is also going through. Children has to make choices that time and thus it has a huge psychological effect on them as after separation hey have to move from one parents to another. Sometimes parents disconnect themselves with their children and thus this lead to stress and thus affect mental health of your child.
  • Single parents face a lot of challenge to raise their child and sometimes land up with no time for themselves
  • If you or your spouse loss your job this will lead to financial instability
  • If your child started using drugs or you yourself are addicted to it
  • If you are facing any behavioural issues with your child
  • If you are a new parent and had no idea how to raise your child
  • When both parents are working they rushed out of time
  • Lack of sleep , due to your infant or due to work load
  • If your child faces any physical or mental disability , it become hard as a parent when your child is going through extensive medical treatment and can lead you to stress

How Unns will help:

As the scenario is changing and parents and their children both are more tech savvy now the issues parents are facing increasing day by day. Parenting style are also different from induvial to induvial and the behaviour of parents have a greater impact on their child development. 

Unns will provides therapies that will help you understand parenting in a broader spectrum and will give you a better understanding of the challenges that hindering you from becoming a wonderful parent.

  • When you discussed with your counsellor they will try to make you understand that Your child needs your quality time not quantitative time
  • Your counsellor will try to get a better perspective about your relations with your child and suggest accordingly
  • Nurturing your child from beginning will help you to understand them better
  • If you are giving care and affection to your child it will increase their physical and mental health
  • Without judging or without any biasness your counsellor will provide solutions to you to improve your relations with your child
  • Your counsellor will tell you ways through which you can easily connect with your child and understand where the bond is losing its charm
  • Your counsellor will use multiple approach so you can work upon your relations with your child , but you have to keep patience it will take time
  • As a parent you understand your child better and thus just by changing attitude and behaviour you can bring happiness back to your family

Your child is your mirror image, so polish your glass well to reflect what you want to!!