Motivational counselling

Motivational Counselling

Motivation is a force by which we can make impossible things possible. It is an ongoing process and is required on a daily basis as water is necessary to survive motivation is necessary to grow in life.

Motivation is the word derived from the word ’motive’ which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individuals. People accomplish their goal when they are motivated. In every sphere of life whether to achieve success, to earn money, to qualify any exam, to excel in job all you need is motivation.

Why motivation is needed

To achieve success, to make a big move in life, to live life at its fullest, the most important thing that is needed to get all this is motivation, only a motivated person can achieve whatever they want in their life.

Since childhood all our well-wisher keep our morale boost this way they are motivating us to achieve our goal. Thus you can understand why motivation is needed in all sphere of life.

Sometimes to reduce weight or to get a better physique the factor to help us to achieve this is self-motivation.

Advantages of Motivational Counselling

Motivational interview is a therapy technique by having these therapy your goal seems more attainable. It’s a problem changing approach. It help you to resolve ambivalent feelings and insecurities to find the internal motivation that you need. By changing your attitude towards one problem or by changing behaviour how you can achieve your desired goal or to come up with the problems that you are dealing. By motivational counselling, the first goal is to increase the person’s motivation level and the second is for the person to make the commitment to change.

How it works

The goal of motivational counselling is to help understand how by self-actualization and behavioural change you to achieve your desired goal. 

How Unns will help you

Trust is the building of any therapy. Without trust it will be unable to bring result. The way your counsellor will put faith on you similar to achieve desired goal you have to keep faith on them

  • Your Counsellor will interact with you to boost your morale and how you can look at the positive side and achieve your desired goals
  • Your counsellor will approach both optimistic and humanistic way to get you achieve your goal
  • Their approach will be based on how you can self-actualised yourself and how behavioural change will impact your thinking and thus the goal will become more achievable just by changing your thinking pattern
  • Your counsellor will change your negative approach and makes it positive
  • Changes may take quickly or it will need considerable amount of time that totally depends on individual
  • Your counsellor emphasis is more on self-motivation as this will drive you to achieve your goal very rapidly
  • Your counsellor will break down your goal into segments so it can be achieved in a lesser duration
  • The therapy will help you to develop or discover your own intrinsic motivations

Goal are nothing without desired to achieve it.

Be happy, be motivated!!