Marriage Counseling -

Marriage counselling

Marriage counselling is a psychotherapy or couple therapy through which the married couple or partners try to resolve conflicts between them, if it is not resolved can lead to serious problems. Marriage counselling is done to improve relationship.

Through counselling you’ll rebuild your relationship. It will make your relation better and thus can reduce chances of divorce.

Every relations has its pros and cons but that doesn’t means they are facing hardships in their relation, it’s a part of relationship journey.

Why it is needed?

  • To understand each other in a better way.
  • To avoid miscommunication
  • To understand family in a better way
  • To overcome intimacy related issues
  • When you start hiding things from your partner

Who need marriage counselling?

Relationships are not perfect a person has to make it perfect. Having difference of opinion  is normal as all individual thinks with different patterns but regular conflicts and stress are Conflicts are a part of relation but the more number of fights will let your relation ruin the charm between both of you.

If you are facing any of these issues like your partner didn’t listen to you , insecurity, intimacy , ego, anger , jealousy , miscommunication or poor communication than it is the right time to talk to your partner if you are not able to share your feelings than seek help from your friends or family . If you are still not able to share than seek for professional help.

Sometimes your family matters or your financial instability also affect your relationship.

If you critics each other on a daily basis, there is a lot of tension in your marriage than it’s a high time to seek professional help before it’s too late.

How Unns will help you/Why Unns:

Our counsellors are well trained in providing online counselling sessions and understand the areas which are affecting your life. Marriage counselling is to know what all problems are there in a relationship which need to get sorted and with few sessions you can see the difference.

  • Your counsellor will try to understand the goods and bad in your relationship
  • Interaction plays a crucial role to resolve any issue and your counsellor will try to understand how you both can interact and know the affecting area , they will suggest you ways to solve these issues
  • Your counsellor will understand your potential problematic area
  • Your counsellor will work on behavioural issues that you both are facing , or relationship issues or emotional aspects and suggest you the way to how you can remove it and live a healthy and peaceful life
  • Your counsellor will create an environment where you and your partner can listen to each other view and try to resolve the problematic areas
  • By changing behaviour or behavioural pattern , it is an effective way to improve relationship
  • Your counsellor will listen to you and with respect to your feelings suggest ways to improve your relation and all your conversation will be confidential
  • They will provide a mirror image to the problems that are hindering your relations to grow
  • Your counsellor will provide practical solution to your problem and help rebuild your relations with your partner

 The motto of this therapy is that you both should understand and respect each other.

Communication is the key to solve any problem.