Education Counselling

An educational counsellor will guide student towards the path where they can choose a right career for themselves and can achieve great heights by removing negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones.

Education counselling helps an individual to overcome any social, personal or family problems that hinders them from achieving their goals. Educational counselling helps school and college going student with the problems that are hindering and provide guidance to choose best career option.

Counselling at School Level  

School is the place where all are root foundation develop. In school we have to make tough decisions regarding our career. Counselling students at this point is very important as this will help them to seek areas where they’ll flourish themselves. Student’s faces a lot of challenges theses days and the peer pressure they face are making their life tougher.

Counselling at school level is provide so that students can grow there personality and remove stress. Students face a lot of issues related to grades or performance, home issues, depression, conflicts with peers, ragging or bullying and inferiority complex are the common concerns.

Need of counselling

As scenario has changed, life is getting complex day by day and now students are facing many challenges related to study, social life or family issues. It is necessary to discuss your day to day problems with your friends and family and thus in this way you can remove your stress.

Guidance is always needed to stay focus and when you are not able to share your feelings with your loved ones than seeking professional help is always advisable. Are you facing any of these issues, than its high time to discuss?

  • Grades or low performance
  • Family problems
  • Bullying or cyber bullying
  • Personal problems
  • At the time of choosing course or career
  • For personality development
  • When you feel direction less, or hopeless feelings arose at that time
  • Social life
  • When you feel less motivated
  • Facing difficulty in learning and acquiring
  • Feeling depressed
  • To regain confidence

For overall development counselling is required. Continuous efforts can bring better result.

How Unns will help:

Professional counselling is provided to you so that you can reduced your tensions and worries. If not solved can hamper you to achieve your goal.

  • Your counsellor will provide all the support your personal development, grades issues or any educational problem that you are facing
  • Your counsellor will bring confidence in you so that you can discuss your concern easily
  • Your counsellor will provide you guidance how you can achieve your desired goals but will support you how you can grow your personality by removing negative thoughts
  • By evaluating your skills, interest and abilities your counsellor will help to make a better career choice
  • Your counsellor will boost your confidence so you can achieve your goal easily

Learning should be fun, so you can always learn!!