Career & Guidance counselling

Career and Guidance Counselling

“A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory.” —Arthur Golden

Choosing a career is a tough decision. To guide you towards right career path is a primary motto of career counsellor. Career counselling is provide to you so that you can choose better career options, if you feel confused what is the best career choice for you, if you are thinking to change your job , thinking of starting your business, want information about a particular career, or if you are looking for employment.

Career counselling is giving best advice, support and guidance so that you can choose right career for yourself and thus by guiding you towards how you can achieve your desired goal by choosing the career of your interest.

When you need career guidance:

It’s needed when we are about to make career choice, or want to change our career, or not happy with the present work this is the time when you need guidance

  • If you are not able to make right career choice for yourself or confused what career to choose or what not
  • If you are stuck in career or the stream that you have chosen and want to redesign it
  • If you are not happy with your career choice
  • Guidance can be needed in any phase of life so it is advisable to take professional help

How Unns will help:

Professionals will guide you to choose best career for yourself or if you fell you are stagnated in your career they will provide you the best advice so you can release your stress.

Career guidance can also help parents to choose and know what all options are available from which their child can opt the best fit career according to their interest. Your counsellor will help you to know about more career options and will guide you to achieve your desired goal

  • Your counsellor will help you with the challenges that you are facing related to your career choice by knowing your perspective
  • Your counsellor will provide support to you so that you can share your views without hesitation
  • Your counsellor will help you in making complex decision and boost your morale to face difficult situation
  • Your counsellor will guide you how you can make best career choice for yourself and help you to deal with career stress
  • Your counsellor will help you to make a right career decision by motivation you
  • By knowing your interest, hobbies your counsellor will provide you solutions without any judgment
  • Your counsellor will tell you the scope of that career options
  • Your counsellor will know you better by knowing what is your interest areas and your personality
  • Your counsellor by guiding you towards right path will make you confident and boost your morale so that you can choose the best career for yourself
  • Your counsellor will tell you more about the career that you have opt or want to peruse, they will tell you about the present and future opportunities in that field
  • Your counsellor will focus on your overall development

It is well said by Katherine Whitehorn

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”