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Let’s Connect To Disconnect Negative Thoughts


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How Counseling Works

The whole idea of counseling is to EMPOWER individuals through rationalizing of thoughts & feelings. Hence a counselor will encourage you to share in a safe and confidential environment, will listen to you intently, understand why you feel a certain way and then help you identify negative thought patterns and replace them with positive thoughts.

Who Need Counseling

It’s sad, but we grew up NOT treating mind as a part of our body. Nothing else justifies the indifferent treatment that’s bestowed on our mind. Counseling is NOT for crazies, it never was. Counseling is for ANYONE, for EVERYONE who may be bothered by a short term, temporary tough phase.

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Real Life Case

Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling allows a person to talk about their thoughts, feelings and emotions without being judged or stigmatized. The counselor is trained to help you identify and understand your thoughts and emotions and in the process make you feel betterbus leo.

A Phone call Session is of 30 minutes. We charge INR 500 for every session.

A typical counseling session is usually for 30 mins. Although, you can buy as many sessions in a go to avoid interruption.

You can pay for your sessions using all major Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking and E- Wallets through our website ONLY

Every counselor with us has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and has undergone extensive training in counseling.